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Peace Comes Only from God

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Hi friends..
It’s always wonderful to start your day by reading the Bible!!!
Don’t put it off!
The devil will persuade you to be lazy and go to sleep!
Shake him off, rise and shine for God, every morning of every day.


I was born in a modern Christian family. Both my parents were God-fearing and made us read the Bible and pray everyday, first thing every morning. It was just another daily routine, like brushing your teeth or taking a bath. Then I went off to a different country for my university studies. I soon forgot this daily routine that my parents had so lovingly taught me. I got involved with my studies, campus life and the enjoyment of my youth. That’s when the devil took over…

Under his regime, I have committed the worst “SINS” of my life and forgot God completely. My self-made success became more important to me than reading the Bible or Prayer or Church Worship. My Christian Spiritual life was shattered and in shambles…

But stil, life gave me a good career, much prosperity and success, good health and all the other facilities that money can buy. I was young, robust, well educated, with a good job, a big house, servants, cars and all the comforts of life! Although on the outside everything looked good, I was badly hurting on the inside, with no peace of mind and no satisfaction at all in life. Inspite of having a successful career, good life, luxuries, comforts, loving family, all this never gave me any real Peace or Happiness in my life!

Then Jesus came to save me…

About 5 years ago, I turned over my life to Jesus, repenting all my sins. I started reading the Bible everyday and praying regularly. Then, God put me on to Bible Reading Group in Indonesia.

Today, I want to talk about how PEACE. How I found it, what it did to me and how much it has helped me ever since I made Jesus, my Lord and Saviour…

Honestly, I had never experienced this kind of Peace in my life, that comes only by letting God run your life, rather than running it ourselves and living it the way the devil wants us to! My lifestyle was full of pride, arrogance, ego, prestige, selfishness and greed! But deep inside, I had worries, stress, fears, anger, which were eating me up like cancer! When I finally surrender my life to God, allowed Him to take over my life, I could really sit back relaxed in PEACE that I had never known before. I started to enjoy my life to the fullest.

When you accept Jesus as your Saviour He becomes the Pilot in your life. He never leaves us nor forsakes us, however bad we are. In fact, He is always with us, in all trials, pain, sorrow, in good times and bad times, leading and guiding us to the Kingdom of God.

Believe me, dear friends, this transition to a very peaceful living, is simple and easy. Anyone can do it! All we need is to surrender our life to God, discipline ourselves to read the Bible everyday and pray often, first thing every morning and the last thing every nite. In other words, we open and close our day with God.

This daily routine helps increase our FAITH in God. He always responds and helps all who are obedient and faithful to Him.

When you start reading the Bible everyday in a disciplined way and pray regularly, soon it becomes a habit and you cannot live without doing it. A habit that will bring you so much PEACE and LOVE into your life…. A kind of PEACE so awesome and fulfilling, so strong and calm, that you can face any problems in life or whatever the devil throws at you. You get a kind of PEACE that keeps your heart always tuned to God, according to the Word of God.

No amount of wealth, money, luxury or any material things can ever give us this PEACE. In fact, if you do not have any money, luxury or other material things, it really does not matter for God’s PEACE to stay in your life, in your heart and in your world.

Communication with God through Prayer is also very important and should be done as often as possible, everyday. Again this is easy. You don’t need any dress code or a right place, or a right way or a right time to PRAY. You can pray almost anywhere; in bed, on a chair, in the bus, in a bus stop, in a taxi, in your car, or even while watching TV (during advertisement breaks). You can pray to God in any any every situation. He is beside you always, carefully listening. There is no need for any formalities with God or Jesus for Prayer! You can share secretly through prayer, all your problems, fears, worries, ambitions, needs, desires, decisions, faults, weakness, disappointments, frustrations, just about anything you want and seek guidance from Jesus! For He is our Lord and Saviour, full of love, humble, patient, concerned, inspite of being the most Almighty God who has the power over everything, even life and death.

PEACE comes only from God, by reading the Bible everyday and praying regularly daily. It cannot be bought at any store or online. You can buy a Bible and other Prayer Devotions books. But you cannot buy PEACE. You do not get it anywhere, nor do you gain it by your own good deeds or your own resources… it is a gift from God. PEACE comes upon those obeying Him, keeping all His laws and commandments and following His teachings as mentioned in the Bible.

God’s PEACE has many benefits….

You can handle any amount of stress, rarely get worried, never angry having anxiety. As you begin to trust God, you will never fear or be afraid or panic, or loose your patience or temper, in any situation. You will become more loving and concerned about others, start giving more and sharing, become kind and helpful, become more patient, become strong to fight evil, stay healthy and will always do your best to bring glory and honour to God. This PEACE also activates the Holy Spirit in us!

That is why FRIENDS, Bible reading and Prayer are very important in our daily life as Christians, to attain the PEACE that passeth all understanding. Changing your spiritual life begins with reading God’s Word and Prayer!

My dear friends, don’t you want PEACE as a gift from God? Read the Bible daily and Pray everyday, as often as you can. Keep God’s Word as a lamp in your life and be obedient to Him. Since it was quite simple for me and I am sure, if you do the same, this PEACE will be God’s gift to you too! God actually gives the necessary strength and power to do it. So just pick up the Bible and read it daily and Pray as often as you can every day. God will do the rest for you! Jesus said, “I will give you PEACE, not like any of this world, but PEACE that comes from my Father in Heaven!!!”

This Bible Reading Movement (BRM) Group helps and encourages us all to do just that!!😊
Read the Bible daily!


Shalom! Praise the Lord!! Hallelujah!!! 🙏

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Dan Edwin
August 13, 2019

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